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St. Peter’s Fishers of Men Game - Free Download

St. Peter’s Fishers of Men Game - Free Download

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Become "fishers of men" anytime or place! This cute game is not only fun, it's also a great way to get kids to remember some key ideas of life. Play this game at your All Saint's Day parties and Religious Ed classes! It's also a fun activity for parents to have kids play on rainy days. It's fun for toddlers who are learning the letter "F" or learning about Jesus. And you might like to have this as a fun activity for the kids to play on St. Peter's Feast days! It can be a great surprise!
This game was made using a cardboard box, which was decorated to look like fish in water. The box we used for our sample is 1.5' x 2' x 9''. Our sample box is painted with a medium-blue acrylic paint, but we have also made this in the past using blue construction paper and plain blue wrapping paper.

Use wavy strips of light blue paper to make "watery-waves". Glue these onto the blue box. Then add half-circles and half-ovals of brown paper to the bottom to make the "ground".
Printed out the fish and seaweed patterns and colored them with markers. After cutting out the colored fish and seaweed glue them onto the box. You may need more than one copy if it’s a larger box.

All of the fish and seaweed patterns have extra wide black lines for easy cutting. Just freely cut anywhere in the middle of the black area. The wide lines help give it a clean look!
Then, print and cut out a few sets of fish to catch. These are best printed on stock paper, but will work with regular paper. We used colored stock paper for our samples.

This file contains two sets of patterns for these fish. One set has virtuous actions and virtues written on them: Share, Be kind, Go to Mass, Pray, etc. The other pattern has plain fish, so you can write your own ideas onto the fish. You can add anything you want the kids to learn.
After you have written on the fish (if needed). Tape a paper clip to the back.
Then create a fishing rod. We made ours with a piece of bamboo, a string, and a magnet. The magnet on the end of the string will "catch" the fish!
Make sure it's a strong enough magnet to attract the paper clip.

How to play:

The younger kids can simply "catch" a fish and someone older can read aloud what the fish has written on it.
For older kids: Add two or more sets of fish -so each fish has at least one match. The kids should continue fishing till they find a match to the first fish they caught. The person with the least number of extra fish between the first fish and finding it’s match wins!

More Fun with these printables

Fishy Art Work:
Use the fish and seaweed patterns to create a underwater scene!

Go Fish!
Use the fish like cards to play “Go Fish”. Copy two of each fish. If you wish, use the blank fish to write your own ideas onto the fish. You can add anything you want the kids to learn. Be sure you have two of each idea in the stack of fish. The number of fish pairs depends on the number of player. If you have more players than more pairs of fish may be required.

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