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Morning Offering Prayer ~ Art Project ~ Free Download

Morning Offering Prayer ~ Art Project ~ Free Download

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Start out the day giving everything to God. Through this prayer we turn our every action (if done in a complaint-free manor) into a sacrifice that can help us and those around us. It’s an amazing offering which we can give to God when we pray this each day!
Even if the children already say this prayer every morning this craft may help them refocus on the words and meaning of the prayer.


  • copies of the prayer and pictures - from free download 
    Note: Page 4 of this download is a no-glue, no-cut, coloring page.
  • construction paper or patterned paper (your favorite colors)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • other craft decorations such as glitter, sequins, artificial flowers, other scraps of paper, or any other decorative items you may like to add to dress it up. (all are optional)

Cut out and glue the prayer and sun to the sheet of construction paper/patterned paper. - If you chose the black and white version you may wish to color the pictures first. Cut out all the pictures. Glue the pictures to the sides along the prayer. (see sample pictures) Decorate with glitter or any other items you wish, if desired. And you’re done!
Now hang the banner in a spot that will help you remember to say your morning prayers each day!

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