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Learning Catholic Words and Meanings {Vocabulary Notebook Pages}

Learning Catholic Words and Meanings {Vocabulary Notebook Pages}

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Catholic Words - Vocabulary Sheets

Helping children learn about the faith one word at a time!

One easy way to help kids learn and retain knowledge of our faith is through Catholic picture dictionaries. Their simple design makes them easy to pick-up and read when you have only a few free minutes. To help them retain these words and meanings, Use this "Catholic Words" printable notebooking sheet.

The Catholic Vocabulary Words page has space for:

  • the name of the Catholic word they are learning
  • the definition (some definitions may need to be shortened)
  • a picture of the idea/item, if possible

Each page has space for 3 words. 
Have the kids place these pages in a 3-ring binder. Add a word a day!
Each night write a Catholic word onto your blackboard. Then, during school time the next day, they can pull out their Catholic dictionary look up the word and write it down, along with the definition. They also can draw a picture of the item or idea whenever possible.

Possible Books to use with the Catholic Words Page:

  • Older kids can use: 
    The Catholic Picture Dictionary– by S.J. Rev. Harold A. Pfeiffer (Author)
  • This one was better for the younger kids:
    My First Catholic Picture Dictionary- by Lawrence Lovasik (Author)
  • Another book is:
    A Catholic Child's Picture Dictionary - by Ruth Hannon (Author)


Vocabulary Sheets

To company the "Catholic Words" sheet you may also like a simple vocabulary sheet. This one is for everyday words. Kids can use this one when they come across a word they don't know. They can write it down and look it up.
The word area on this page has space for:

  • the word
  • the definition
  • antonyms 
  • synonyms
  • a sentence 
  • they can draw a picture, if possible

These are also kept in the same 3-ring binder. They have a page with a tab between the two sections.

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