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Who's at the root of Catholic Inspired?

Who's at the root of Catholic Inspired?


Hi and welcome, I'm Jennifer Marie Lawrence.  Personally, I'd prefer to remove my picture and name from the site and blog. I'm not looking for glory or honor, in fact I hate being in the spotlight! If I could be an unseen force behind the growth of this "great oak" I would. But I know that when I visit other sites, stores, and blogs I want to know who's behind it. So if you are like me you are wondering about the roots of Catholic Inspired.


By God's grace, I was blessed 18 years ago to marry a wonderful man. Jon is my best friend and has been for over half my life. Together, he and I have had 9 children. I'm honored to be their mother - for they teach me the love of Our Lord.
Jon and I home-educate our children in Pennsylvania. Every day is a challenge and a stress as we raise our 9 kids in the hopes that they will someday be saints in Heaven. The only way I get through each day is with God and my husband at my side. 
Jon and I first met as we both helped teach at our parish's CCD classes. He taught high school and I helped with 8th grade. Then, we were "set-up" by a sweet old nun!
Today, we enjoy teaching our own kids the Catholic faith. With Jon
 as my faithful "sidekick" (although he'd playfully argue that I am his sidekick!), we try to find creative ways to teach the faith to our kids.   

Meet Our Kids:
We have 9 children: six girls and three boys - ages 17 to 5. 
Back/top row: Rachel (17), Joshua (13), Rebekah (16) - Row 2: Elizabeth (12), Jennifer (Mom) - Row 3: Jacob (15), Hannah (10), Jonathan (Dad) - Front/bottom row: Naomi (7), Caleb (5), Abigail (9).
    Plus we have three little ones in Mother Mary's care.

    Our kids are happy kids. They are often laughing, and they have an unusual sense of humor! (Like Mom and Dad!) They make their own fun by playing together, drawing, creating crafty things, or just reading.  

    Why I began down this "Catholic Inspired" road:
    I wanted to share Catholic inspired ideas with others. I hope these ideas are ones that you can use to share the faith with toddlers, children, tweens, and teens. I know it can be hard to keep kids focused on God and the faith each day. It's a daily struggle! Life is so busy and time is very short. So we often fail to keep God in the center. Here on Catholic Inspired I share a few of the things which we are doing to help us stay focused on God. I try to keep most of our activities fun and simple, because life is too crazy to spend hours on one project. I hope that they may help your family and maybe even teachers.
    Jon and I feel blessed to be able to homeschool our kids, and we love having the ability to teach the Catholic faith along with every subject. From time to time, you might also see homeschool projects listed which I had originally created for my kids. After I create them for my kids, I hate to see them sit and collect virtual dust on my virtual shelf. Although they are not all Catholic focused, I hope you'll find them helpful. 

    Thanks for digging into our site and visiting us! I hope you find something here on Catholic Inspired to help you, your family or your class on the journey to heaven! 

    To read our love story v
    "Written by the Finger of God"

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