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Creating Custom Jewelry

If you are interested in purchasing a custom necklace or bracelet, you can search for the perfect parts and pieces here!
Below are links to lists of items you can choose from when creating a custom piece of jewelry! (Images of the pieces are coming soon.)

 1 Inch Oval Medal selection:

Charms and Mini Medals & Crucifixes:

Chains and Other Parts:

Catholic Bracelets

Floating - Memory - Glass Lockets:


Necklace Pendants & Larger Crucifixes
Lists coming soon...

  • Large Medals and Pendants
  • Large Crucifixes


    NOTE: All these pages are currently under construction and will hopefully be finished in the weeks to come. 



    Choose Linked Charm bracelet Or Adjustable Bangle. Choose your own charms and medals to create a one of a kind bracelet! 


    Purchase a single medal on one of our stainless steel chains or add a charm or two with it!
    You might also like our beautiful and well-loved saint necklaces with the 5 flower connector! 


    Floating Lockets:

    Choose from 4 different locket shapes! Add the charms you love best! Buy a few extra to switch them out whenever you desire! 


    Love the mini Medals!

    Customers love the mini medals! These are small, simple, and beautiful for everyday wear!  They each have a dainty stainless steel chain which shimmers and sparkles! 


    Choose from these charms to customize
    the 5 flower connector necklaces.

     Choose from these charms to customize the 5 flower connector necklaces.



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