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Necklace Chain Selection

About the Chains
All of our Stainless Steel chains are a high-quality non-tarnish material. They have a lobster claw clasp and beautiful, shiny, links. They range in length and strength. (see below for more information)

Chain Strength and Wearing Recommendations:
This listing is for a single necklace chain. Choose the chain you like best!
The wider they are the more strength they have.

***Oval link ~ 1.2mm wide***
- Our weakest SS chain
- VERY dainty size
- Good for gentle day-time wear
- No night-time wear
- Please only attach small, light-weight pendants

***Water Wave ~ 1.5mm wide***
- Dainty
- For gentle daily wear
- Night-time not recommended
- Please only attach small, light-weight pendants

***Rolo ~ 2mm wide***
- Mid-Strong
- For gentle to normal daily wear
- Night-time is not recommended
- Okay for 1-2 heavier or 3-4 lighter pendants
- Longer lengths have a greater chance of breakage - but they are available for those who desire them.

Water Wave ~ 2.5mm wide

  • Strong 
  • For normal daily wear
  • Night-time wear is occasionally okay but not recommended
  • Okay for heavier or larger pendants

About the Lengths:

Longer lengths have a greater chance of breakage. Our super thin styles do not come in long lengths. This is because they are weaker and will break if they receive repeated tugging or a quick hard tug. The 2.5mm Water Wave chain is the strongest and will handle this best.

Before purchasing, please measure the desired length on the person who will wear it. The 14 and 16-inch chains may not be suitable for larger people. The longer lengths are not recommended for children.

Link Chains (20 inch) (18 inch - coming soon):

Link Chains with 5 Flower Connector (20 inch) (18 Inch - coming soon):

Large Water Wave Chain (18 inch):

Mini Water Wave Chain (18 inch):

Continuous Chain (24 inch):



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