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Advent Prayer Chain - Coloring Activity - Countdown - Free Download

Advent Prayer Chain - Coloring Activity - Countdown - Free Download

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Prepare for Christmas with this FREE Download!! 

When to start:
This prayer chain can double as a countdown to Christmas. Decide when you want to start your prayer chain countdown. Count the number of days from that day to Christmas. The pages have 32 strips for chain links. If you need more chain links you can make your own or copy a page twice.

Create the Chain:
Print the download onto colored paper. If necessary, cut 4 sheets of construction paper or decorative scrapbooking paper down to the size of regular paper and place in printer.
After printing, cut the pages along the dotted lines. This will give you long, narrow, strips of paper. Each will have a designated prayer and intention.

Staple a strip together to form a circle - face the writing toward the inside of the circle. Then make a second circle with a second strip of paper, but before stapling it together loop it through the first circle so the two are connected together. Continue to add a new circle to the last circle you created. This should form a long chain.

Once all your paper strips are connected to your chain, hang your chain up where you will remember to remove one link each day during Advent.

The Advent Wreath and Manger Images:
Color the pages with the Advent wreath and manger. Cut around it and hang it above the chain. Save the flames and Jesus images and add them at appropriate times. (On Advent Sundays add a new flame and on Christmas Eve, add Jesus to the manger.)

When to pray and remove a link:
Pick a special time each day – a time that you will always remember. One of the best times for most classes is in the morning or at the end of the school day. Families often prefer at night before bed. Remove the paper loop on the end of the chain. Then say the prayer which is listed on that chain link for the special intention, which is also listed on that link.

Artwork by Rachel Lawrence

Have a blessed Advent and Christmas Season!


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