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Guardian Angels ~ Printable Page for Kids ~ Free Download

Guardian Angels ~ Printable Page for Kids ~ Free Download

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What does your guardian angel look like? Do you know your guardian angel's name? 
Our guardian angels have been with us since the moment of our conception and they know everything about us, yet we know so little about them. 
Well, we may not know what our guardian angel looks like or what their name is, but we do know that God created them and they are to be our protector and guide through life. So I recommend that you talk to your guardian angel and thank him/her for all their help!
This page is meant to get children to thinking about their holy guide and protector. They can color and decorate the picture of the angel so it will look like what the child thinks their guardian angel may look like. Some people believe that guardian angels look like the person they are protecting. Do you think that could be true? Or do they look different? Let the child decide how they think their angel may appear.
Then, after they have finished decorating the angel picture they can write the name they think God may have given to their guardian angel. There is space on the bottom of the page to write this*.

*NOTE: The Church discourages naming your Guardian Angel. The area at the bottom of the page is for the child to speculate/guess what name *GOD* may have given to the angel.  It is NOT to encourage naming angels. Please, follow the churches wishes. Thank you.

There are three printable pages to choose from!
One for older kids...
...and this page includes a face - for younger kids.

Plus, a page to color:
All the Guardian Angel pages include the Guardian Angel Prayer.
Guardian angels are God's wonderful gift to us. We need to thank them often for all they do to help us. And when you are feeling low or unsure of things talk to your guardian angel. They are always there and ready to listen!

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